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European Women’s Lobby (EWL)

The EWL and its member organisations have a lot of experience in working against trafficking in women. Within the diverse EWL membership there are several organisations that work directly with victim assistance and support to women victims of trafficking and women in prostitution.

EWL is the largest coalition of women’s organisations in Europe, and comprise national networks of women’s organisations from 26 countries, and in addition there are 18 large European networks as full members. The overall aim of the organisation is to work to achieve equality between women and men and to influence EU and international policies in this direction.

This means that EWL is active in many policy areas such as social and economic justice, employment policies, equality and anti-discrimination policies, equality in decision-making, poverty, migration policies, etc.

EWL also runs different projects such as the Nordic Baltic project to reinforce assistance to women.

Since its beginning, EWL has worked actively to achieve change in both international and national policy-frameworks to combat all forms of violence against women.

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