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Research, reports and articles

VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN 2004; 10. Articles on prostitution and trafficking by Aghatise, Ekberg, Farley and Raymond

Primer on the Male Demand - PDF

Impact of the sex industry in the EU - Word

Guide to UN Trafficking Protocol - PDF

The Links between Prostitution and Trafficking: A Briefing Handbook. Lithuanian translation. - PDF

A Lithuanian translation of the EWL and CATW Briefing Handbook on the Links between Prostitution and Sex Trafficking.

Ryšys tarp prostitucijos ir prekybos žmonėmis seksualinio išnaudojimo tikslams. Informacinis vadovas.

Streets Apart: Outdoor Prostitution in London. - PDF

A report by the POPPY Project, 2007.

The hidden side of prostitution: sex buyers speak. - PDF

A research report from Tallinn, Estonia, 2007, by Katri Eespere.