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Regional inter-agency network organisation

One of the key features of the project is the set up of a regional Nordic-Baltic inter-agency network, as well as support increased inter-agency networking at national levels.

Working towards the putting in place of the best possible programmes for victim support, it is important to ensure a close cooperation and develop working relationships between different government agencies and NGOs.

The Nordic Baltic regional inter-agency network

The network includes public agencies and NGOs from all Nordic and Baltic countries who work with, support and protect women victims of trafficking. The Network meets regularly to develop and share experiences and expertise, to develop common standards and guidelines for victim support, and to identify and agree on regional priorities, etc.

Strengthened national networking processes and National inter-agency teams

The Nordic Baltic pilot project encourages and enhances national inter-agency networking. The role of the national networking process is to gather all key stakeholders with the aim to ensure improved victim support at national level through an increased cooperation, coordination, and exchange of information in each of the participating countries.

Important stakeholders at national level are for example national police, women’s shelter organisations, welfare agencies, prosecutors and/or representatives of the justice system, umbrella women’s NGOs, immigration authorities, social services, health services, municipalities’ representatives, refugee and immigration NGOs, NGOs in Health sector, local representatives if International organisations (IOM, ILO etc), etc.

Each country has designated a national inter-agency team. These teams take on a key role to coordinate the efforts at national level and make the link between the national level and the regional network. Project funds are available to support coordination work at national level in the three Baltic countries.

Each national inter-agency team includes a representative of a government agency, a representative of a service providing women’s NGO, and an additional resource person. Contact details for the national inter-agency teams can be found here.